Photography by Arturo Almeida:
Top: "El Maguey de Delia #2"
Bottom: "California Fan Palm"

UTSA connections: 'International Exposure' exhibit

By Tim Brownlee
Assistant Director of Public Affairs

(Sept. 26, 2008)--Arturo Almeida, curator of the UTSA Art Collection, and UTSA alumna Luisa A. Wheeler are two of 17 local and international artists exhibiting works in "International Exposure: Looking at Contemporary Photography," which runs through Sept. 30 at the City of San Antonio International Center, 203 S. St. Mary's St. As part of FotoseptiembreUSA, the exhibit is open daily 8 a.m.-5 p.m.

According to curator Patricia Ruiz-Healy of the Ruiz-Healy Art gallery, the idea for the exhibit came from her interest in heightening the awareness of photography as art, as well as the varying styles and techniques of each artist.

"We wanted our theme to be an international take on photography and what people are doing with photography," said Ruiz-Healy. "We have found that these artists are not doing the same thing -- they are working in different methods and mediums, and you can interpret photography in so many different ways."

"It's very exciting to be with this group of talented artists," said Arturo Almeida. "My photos in the exhibit were taken at my sister's house, and the subject matter reminded me of the strength and beauty of my sister."

Luisa Wheeler, B.F.A. '01, M.F.A. '07, usually focuses on urban landscapes, but in her series, "India Now," she goes beyond her usual medium of black-and-white photography to colorful images in subtle hues. Contrasting with the fast pace of crowded Indian cities, her rural images create stillness and reflection in a rapidly changing environment.

Many of the participating artists hail from Latin America including Graciela Iturbide, México; Alfredo De Stéfano, México; Cristina Kahlo, México; Sergio Fasola, Argentina; Marifer Barrero, México; Helena Neme, Uruguay; Cristina Fresca, Argentina; Juan Castañeda, México; Yohanna Roa, Colombia; and Silvana Blasbalg, Argentina.

Other artists featured in the exhibit are Stella Sidi of Bulgaria, who works in Argentina; Jeffrey Mongrain of Minnesota, who resides in New York; Hugo Tillman of Great Britain, who lives in New York; and Mia Baster of San Antonio.

The exhibit is presented with the support of Casa de Nuevo Leon in San Antonio.

Ruiz-Healy Art deals in modern and contemporary works of Latin American art including paintings, sculpture, photography and works on paper. The studio allows clients to see works of art in a domestic setting rather than the "white box" often associated with contemporary display. The gallery works by appointment only. For more information, contact Katy Alexander at (210) 804-2219.

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