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(Sept. 5, 2008)--Reverse 911, the UTSA emergency notification system, is active at the UTSA Tri-campuses to keep students faculty and staff informed in case of an emergency. Those who register for the notification system will be contacted by telephone, text message and e-mail if an emergency arises. Messages will include pertinent emergency information and protective actions.

To ensure accuracy, UTSA students must verify personal contact information in the system each semester; faculty and staff must verify the information each September.

Registration and information verification can be done in two ways:

UTSA supervisors are asked to print copies of the Reverse 911 registration forms for employees who do not have access to a computer.

"We are pleased that many members of the UTSA community have already registered for Reverse 911," said Donovan Agans, UTSA director of business continuity and emergency management. "We encourage UTSA community members to register if they have not done so, because a 100-percent participation rate can greatly enhance campus safety."

For more information, call the UTSA Office of Business Continuity and Emergency Management at (210) 458-6756.

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