secure it campaign
secure it campaign

A Message from the President: UTSA Police Department's 'Secure It, Keep It' Campaign

September 18, 2008

To the UTSA community:

UTSA is committed to ensuring that our students, faculty, staff and guests have a safe and pleasant experience when visiting any of the UTSA campuses. To that end, the UTSA Police Department announces an anti-theft awareness campaign called "Secure It, Keep It." The purpose of the campaign is to create awareness about the importance of securing your belongings to avoid potential theft.

Studies reveal that the majority of thefts on university campuses are crimes of opportunity, which occur because belongings were left unattended in unsecured areas. By simply securing your belongings and ensuring that they are not left unattended, you can limit being victimized.

With this in mind, the "Secure It, Keep It" campaign will focus in the coming weeks on building awareness throughout our campuses utilizing print and electronic media to remind everyone to secure their belongings. We hope that you will do your part to "Secure It, Keep It."


Ricardo Romo
The University of Texas at San Antonio

University Communications
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