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October 1-31, 2008

Instructions: How to donate to SECC by using eWay Web site

(Oct. 3, 2008)--Running through Oct. 31, the UTSA State Employee Charitable Campaign benefits some 500 nonprofit agencies that provide social, health, environmental, arts and education services on a local, state, national and international level.

Employees can donate to SECC using the paper form or go online to the eWay Web site. The instructions below will help ensure that a successful and hassle-free method to give back to your community. (Note: You will be logged off after 20 minutes of inactivity.)

For assistance, contact your Area Delegate or the UTSA Office of External Affairs at (210) 458-5102.


How to donate to SECC online at the eWay Web site

  1. Go to
  2. Enter Campaign Code: UTSA08
  3. Enter Username: (ALL CAPS) first initial of your first name, first initial of your middle name (if you do not have a middle name or initial use "X") and your last name (Example: Jane E. Doe would be entered as JEDOE or Jane X Doe would be entered as JXDOE.)
  4. Enter Password: (ALL CAPS) first initial of your first name, first initial of your last name and the 4 digits of your birth month and your birthday. If your birth month or day is a single digit, enter the number 0 before your birth month or day. (Example: John Doe's birthday is January 9, so his password is JD0109. Sara Smith's birthday is December 30, so her password is SS1230.)
  5. You will be directed to UTSA's personalized eWay Web site where there is additional information about SECC 2008. At this page, click "Pledge Now" in the left column to make your donation.
  6. Select the payment method (payroll deduction or credit card). Click "Continue."
  7. If you select "Payroll Deduction," you will have two choices: 1. Enter Total Annual Gift amount (payroll will divide contribution over your set pay periods) and select "Continue" OR 2. Select or type in the amount you want deducted per pay period and select "Continue."
  8. If you select "Credit Card," enter your annual gift amount and select billing date.
  9. Then, select billing increments: one-time, monthly or quarterly.
  10. Enter your credit card information and select "Continue."
  11. Select "Locate an Agency" at the bottom of the screen. You will not be able to select your donation distribution until you complete the "Locate an Agency" process.
  12. Locate agency names to which you wish to donate in the "2008 Directory of Charities" provided in your SECC packet, or use the search feature on the Web site. If you have an agency in mind, type a keyword in the "Agency Name" field, then click "Search."
  13. After you locate the agencies, click "Select" to the left of the agency name. Your selections will be listed on the "Donation Distribution" portion of the page. eWay will allow up to 8 agency designations.
  14. Select distribution method (percentage or dollar amounts) for your donation. (If you select "Percentages," type the percent you wish to designate to each agency OR if you select "Dollar Amounts," type the dollar amount you wish to designate to each agency. The amounts entered cannot exceed the total annual gift you previously designated listed at the top of the page.)
  15. Click "Continue."
  16. Select "Acknowledgement" choice and click "Continue."
  17. At the "Contribution Review" page, confirm that your pledge information is correct.
  18. Click "Edit" to make corrections within a particular field.
  19. Made a mistake? Click the "Return to Contribution" icon to return to the previous page.
  20. To complete your contribution, click "Submit Donation."
  21. If you want a receipt for your records, click "Print Pledge Summary."
  22. You're done! Thank you for supporting the UTSA State Employee Charitable Campaign (SECC)!

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