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Wilderness first-aid training

Campus Rec hosts wilderness first-aid course

By Eliot Howard
Assistant Director of Outdoor Pursuits, Campus Recreation

(Oct. 16, 2008)--UTSA Campus Recreation and the Wilderness Medicine Institute will offer a two-day, 16-hour wilderness first-aid course Saturday-Sunday, Nov. 1-2. Hosted by the Outdoor Pursuits program, the course is open to the public.

The first-aid course cost is $200 and $75 for Campus Recreation members; the course fee is touted as the lowest in Texas. With a registration deadline of Oct. 31, the class will accommodate 30 students.

Wilderness first-aid training equips and certifies individuals to deal with medical emergencies in situations where dialing 911 isn't an option. Students will learn to care for patients, often on their own, where environmental considerations are of particular concern, medical equipment is limited and advanced emergency care is more than an hour away. Techniques for prevention of illness and injury are heavily stressed.

Fast-paced and hands-on, the training covers a wide range of wilderness medicine topics for people who travel, work and enjoy time in the outdoors. The course is geared to help anyone planning a back-country experience to be prepared for a variety of wilderness medical situations.

Approved by the American Camping Association and the U.S. Forest Service, the WMI course can be used for wilderness medicine recertification by those with previous training.

For more information or to enroll, contact UTSA Outdoor Pursuits at (210) 458-6720 or visit the Wilderness Medicine Institute Web site. View related images and a video.

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