Bruce Barnett
Bruce Barnett
(Photo by Mark McClendon)

UTSA Spotlight: Bruce Barnett earns Master Professor Award

By Alan Shoho
Professor of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies

(Nov. 20, 2008)--At the 2008 University Council for Educational Administration (UCEA) Annual Conference in Orlando, Fla., Bruce Barnett, UTSA professor of educational leadership and policy studies, was awarded the UCEA Master Professor Award.

UCEA represents a consortium of 80 research universities, of which UTSA is a member institution. Member universities are primarily in the United States, but also in the United Kingdom and China.

The UCEA Master Professor Award recognizes distinguished faculty members who represent a sustained record of outstanding teaching as attested by students and peers, an outstanding advisor and mentor, a national leader in advancing the field, an exemplary leader in supporting diversity, and a model of public service as a bridge builder between academe and K-12 institutions.

As noted by one reviewer, "It's as if UCEA had Bruce Barnett in mind when they drew up the criteria for naming someone 'A Master Professor.' You are that richly deserving. For more than 2 decades you have invigorated the field of educational leadership through your own leadership in professional circles, contributions to the knowledge base and by enhancing the preparation of educational leaders from diverse racial, cultural and linguistic communities. For these contributions and much more, the field honors you."

Another supporter wrote, "Bruce Barnett reminds us of the importance of the people side of school leadership."

As a result, a committee of national and international peers recognized Barnett's outstanding service to the field.

This year, Barnett was appointed associate director of international affairs for the University Council for Educational Administration (UCEA). During his three-year term, he is responsible for increasing the collaborative efforts between UCEA and individuals, agencies and higher education institutions around the world.

In addition to his UCEA duties, Barnett is involved in outreach opportunities around the world. One of his current projects includes working with Gary O'Mahony, a renowned Australian education specialist and primary school principal. O'Mahony and Barnett are conducting international research and program development. They have co-authored books on school improvement; researched mentoring and coaching programs operating around the world; and co-presented workshops in Australia, United States, New Zealand and Canada.

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