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Two options: Report suspected noncompliance

By Heather Foster
Administrative Associate, Audit, Compliance and Risk Services

(Nov. 4, 2008)--Employee concerns regarding suspected non-compliance should be addressed through normal administrative channels whenever possible. However, UTSA employees also have the option to report issues of suspected noncompliance to the UTSA Hotline at 1-877-888-0002 or on the UTSA Hotline Web site. Reports to the telephone hotline and the Web site are confidential.

The toll-free UTSA Hotline and Web site offer the opportunity for anonymous reporting of suspected issues of non-compliance. Both are administered by a company not affiliated with UTSA and act as a neutral third party to accurately document issues reported and forward them immediately to appropriate UTSA individuals for resolution.

Employees can report suspected noncompliance at the secure UTSA Hotline Web site. At the site, users will be prompted to answer a series of questions regarding the nature of the complaint.

For more information about the reporting procedure, vist the UTSA Audit, Compliance and Risk Services Web site.

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