Michael Romero
Michael A. Romero

UTSA Opens Doors: Michael A. Romero is a CAP student who stayed

By Cindy Brockwell
Special Projects Writer

(Nov. 20, 2008)--Michael A. Romero may have discovered his life's calling in insurance sales through an internship begun last summer. He learned of the internship through a fraternity brother, one of many friendships he's made at UTSA.

Romero is a CAP (Coordinated Admission Program) student who decided to stay at UTSA. He joined a fraternity during his freshmen year, made great friends and chose to complete his education here.

CAP was developed by the UT System to expand admission options for students interested in enrolling at UT Austin, the system's flagship university. In CAP, some freshman applicants to UT Austin begin studies at another UT System university, and after completing CAP requirements in the freshman year, can transfer to UT Austin to complete their degrees.

A junior finance major in the College of Business, Romero is now president of the UTSA colony of Phi Iota Alpha, "The Oldest Existing Latino Fraternity Inc.," which was established in 1931.

The middle of three siblings, he was born and reared in Houston. Romero graduated from St. Thomas High School, which he attended on a scholarship. His parents still live in Houston, and during Hurricane Ike his family was fortunate to lose only a fence to the strong winds.

Romero is still an intern at Northwestern Mutual Financial Network. He plans to continue until he graduates from UTSA. After hearing about the opportunity, he applied, reviewed the insurance licensing materials they supplied and passed the insurance licensing exam. The license is a requirement for the internship.

"It's really more of a mentorship than an internship," he noted. He appreciated the support system he found with Northwestern Mutual. And, he really admires his own mentor there, UTSA alumni Phillip Washington Jr., '06. Washington is a member of the UTSA Young Alumni Council.

During his internship Romero received the company's prestigious Power of 10 Award for his outstanding performance. Between June 24 and Aug. 24, he sold 20 life insurance policies. Winners of the award fall in the top 10 percent of the internship program nationwide.

"Selling life insurance is more of a guidance role. It takes a heart as well as a head," he said. "I get a great deal of personal satisfaction from helping people plan for their financial futures." He noted that the best financial planners often start as insurance salesmen.

Romero maintains a 15-hour course load while working. He plans to obtain a securities license before he graduates. While he likes living in San Antonio, he is not yet certain if he will return home to Houston or remain here after graduation.

Between school, work, his Phi Iota Alpha duties and girlfriend Nicole Hernandez, Romero doesn't have a lot of free time. But he's crazy about movies and sees quite a few. He enjoys them all -- action, comedy and sci-fi.

With his education in finance, his heart and his head, UTSA will have another star alumni come May 2010.


Fun Facts -- Michael Romero's Favorites

  • Campus hangout: library, fraternity spot
  • Music: classic rock, rap, hip hop, Tejano, Norteño
  • Family Pets: two lemon beagles (still in Houston)
  • Hobby: fishing

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