Alumnus and Army battalion

Army ROTC seeks donations for adopted platoon

By Blake Niewenhuis
Cadet, UTSA Army ROTC Roadrunner Battalion

(Nov. 25, 2008)--The UTSA ROTC Roadrunner Battalion is asking for donations for the platoon of UTSA alumnus 1st Lt. Jason Cordaway.

Cordaway graduated from UTSA in 2004 and is currently leading an infantry platoon in the desolate countryside of Afghanistan. His platoon is battling the Taliban and Al Qaida insurgents on a daily basis.

Everyday comforts are hard to come by for the soldiers living in the forward operating base, where they coordinate and prepare for operations in the surrounding area. Cordaway and his men have no access to running water or electricity.

Simple items such as baby wipes and chewing gum are prized by these soldiers. Over the coming months, the Roadrunner Battalion will send packages to Cordaway's battalion.

Donations will be collected at the UTSA ROTC's war room in Multidisciplinary Studies Building Room 3.03.04 on the 1604 Campus.

For more information and a full list of acceptable items, e-mail Cadet David Acosta.

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