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UTSA law institute accepting applications now

(March 18, 2009)--The UTSA Institute for Law and Public Affairs (ILPA) is accepting applications for the 2009 UTSA Summer Law School Preparation Academy (SLSPA). The deadline for applications is March 30.

The SLSPA is a premier pre-law program designed to increase the number of UTSA students who successfully earn admission to and excel in quality law schools. SLSPA students have been accepted into 120 law schools across the country.

The SLSPA offers a variety of rigorous undergraduate courses to prepare students for law school and the LSAT exam. In partnership with the University of Texas School of Law, award-winning UTSA faculty members have designed the pre-law courses to hone students' analytical, critical-reading and writing skills. SLSPA students attend seminars presented by law school deans, faculty and directors of admissions from every law school in Texas and many from across the country.

Sessions provide instruction on how to build successful law school applications, write personal statements, locate and apply for scholarships, and secure financial aid. Distinguished law school professors present seminars for SLSPA students to illuminate the substance and culture of law school classes.

Students earn the UTSA Certificate in Legal Reasoning upon completion of 12 hours of designated coursework. Students can apply to the SLSPA during their sophomore, junior or senior year taking the SLSPA across either one or two summers. Stipends have been awarded to the majority of students admitted to the program.

>> Download the SLSPA application at the UTSA Institute of Law and Public Affairs Web site.

Applications can be submitted by e-mail to, by FAX at (210) 458-2993 or delivered to one of the designated offices at the UTSA Downtown and 1604 campuses, as listed on the application.

Applications can be submitted by the March 30 deadline even without the letter of reference, which can follow. (Richard Gambitta, associate professor and director of the Institute of Law and Public Affairs, will call the references.)

For more information, contact Ana Alvarez at (210) 458-2992 or Richard Gambitta at (210) 458-2991.

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