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Send them off at 10:30 a.m.: Women's team heads for Lubbock

By Denise Fitzpatrick
Athletics Marketing Coordinator

(March 20, 2009)--UTSA women's basketball is going dancing! The team is leaving for Lubbock at 10:30 a.m., Friday, March 20. The UTSA community is invited to send them off at the Convocation Center.

The Roadrunners are playing in Lubbock for the first and possibly second round of the NCAA Tournament. The first-round game will be against Baylor at 8:30 p.m., Sunday, March 22 at the US Spirit Arena in Lubbock. The bus will return to UTSA on Monday, March 23.

The UTSA Athletics Department is making arrangements for a fan bus to this first-round game, contingent on having enough people to fill the bus. Additionally, the athletics department will reserve hotel rooms in Lubbock, but fans will be responsible for reserving and paying for rooms.

If UTSA is victorious in the first-round game, a second bus trip will be made from UTSA to Lubbock for the second-round game Tuesday, March 24. Fans from the first trip that choose to remain in Lubbock between games can return to UTSA following the second game March 25, provided they purchase a ticket for this second bus trip.

The approximate cost for each bus trip is $75, including a game ticket and a seat on the bus. Hotel room rates will be available shortly. When prices are determined, it will be possible to purchase game tickets and bus seats separately.

Expressing interest in the bus trip does not obligate anyone to make the trip. When exact prices are established, those expressing interest will be notified of the trip itinerary and payment deadline.

For more information on the bus trip, contact Andrew Haring at (210) 458-4665. In your reply, include contact information with e-mail address and daytime phone number.

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