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UTSA recycling succeeds because of support

(March 27, 2009)--Recycling in San Antonio is easier than it has ever been before, and it also is improving all the time at UTSA. This is possible because of the cooperation of students, staff and faculty.

"We have seen an increase in the number of students, staff and faculty who ask what products can be recycled to improve the environment," said Anastacio Alvaraez, recycling technician in the UTSA Office of Environmental Health, Safety and Risk Management (EHSRM).

Through the recycling program, EHSRM has set up the campus mailrooms to accept empty printer cartridges and small batteries from offices, labs and classrooms. EHSRM staff members are strong advocates for eliminating non-biodegradables, plastics and metals from regular trash so that these products do not go to the landfills.

Do your part for the environment by sending printer cartridges and dead batteries to the mailroom at each campus, where personnel from the recycling group will pick them up. Batteries should be placed in a brown envelope.

>> For more information about recycling at UTSA and to offer suggestions for improving the recycling program, call (210) 458-5250.

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