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Aspiring engineers: Apply for summer program

By Christi Fish
Public Affairs Specialist

(April 9, 2009)--The UTSA College of Engineering is accepting applications for the 2009 Summer Research Stipend Program. The application deadline is April 20. Up to 60 aspiring engineers could receive a $900 scholarship, plus the opportunity to strengthen their research, analytical, problem-solving and critical-thinking skills in actual laboratories before starting their college careers.

Offered by the College of Engineering's Center for Excellence in Engineering Education and supported by funding awarded to UTSA professor Mehdi Shadaram, the program aims to nurture San Antonio talent in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). Last year, a select group of San Antonio junior and senior high school students ditched their summer vacations to conduct research alongside faculty engineers at UTSA.

Students interested in exploring engineering careers are encouraged to apply for the summer program and must indicate their interest by postmarking their application and its supporting materials no later than Monday, April 20, 2009. Those selected to participate in the program will earn $900 upon completion of at least 48 hours of laboratory work on the UTSA Main Campus during June and July 2009. Additionally, program participants who matriculate into UTSA's College of Engineering in fall 2009 may have the opportunity to extend their scholarship.

Eligibility for the summer program is limited to San Antonio high school students who will have completed their junior or senior years in 2009 before entering UTSA's program. Those accepted into the program will be invited to an orientation meeting keynoted by representatives from UTSA's four participating engineering departments: Biomedical Engineering, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Computer and Electrical Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering. Following that discussion, program participants will have the opportunity to indicate the area that most interests them for summer placement.

To learn more about UTSA's 2009 Summer Research Stipend Program for future engineers or to download an application, visit the UTSA College of Engineering Web site. At the site, select the "2009 Summer Research Stipend (H.S. Students)" link in the Scholarships section. Or, contact Christi Fish at (210) 458-7584 or Sheila Slife at (210) 458-7377.

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