UTSA facilities office announces June 26-29 outages

By Victoria O'Connor
Communications and Customer Relations Representative, Office of Facilities

(June 24, 2009)--The UTSA Office of Facilities announces several outages at the Main Campus from June 26 to June 29. The outages will occur for maintenance on air handlers, water systems and the steam system.

>> Read details below regarding the respective system outages in many of the Main Campus buildings.

For more information, contact Facilities Work Control at (210) 458-4262.


Water system outage, June 26-27 -- University Center

Water will be turned off in the University Center from 6 a.m., Friday, June 26 to 7 a.m., Saturday, June 27. During the outage, there will be no water available in restrooms, drinking fountains and food services. The outage will not affect the fire sprinkler system in the University Center buildings. The shutdown is to install two backflow preventers.


Steam outage, June 27 -- Engineering Building

Steam to the Engineering Building will be shut down for repairs from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m., Saturday, June 27. During this time, domestic hot water will not be available.


Water system outage, June 27-28 -- Arts Building; Main Building; Biotechnology, Sciences and Engineering Building; and John Peace Library Building

Water to restrooms, drinking fountains, food services and the fire sprinkler systems will be turned off from 10 p.m., Saturday, June 27 to 10 a.m., Sunday, June 28 in the Arts Building; Main Building; Biotechnology, Sciences and Engineering Building; and John Peace Library Building. The outage is for maintenance and installation of backflow preventers on the fire line under the JPL Building and in the Arts Building.

The facilities plumbing shop will provide a trained fire-watch person for each affected building. When the work is complete, facilities staff will perform a walk-through of each building to flush water lines to clear air and debris that may have entered the lines.


Air handler repair, June 29 -- Humanities and Social Sciences Building

One air handler in the Humanities and Social Sciences Building will be shut down from 3 to 8 a.m., Monday, June 29 for annual maintenance. Because other air handler units will operate during the maintenance work, no change is expected in the building temperature.

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