UTSA contributed $1.2 billion to San Antonio area economy in 2008

By Marianne McBride Lewis
Director of Public Affairs

(Aug. 19, 2009)--San Antonio and its adjacent communities became $1.2 billion richer in 2008 because of contributions by The University of Texas at San Antonio. The finding was recently released in "UTSA's Economic Impact: 2008," a research study conducted by the Institute for Economic Development.

Economic impacts include expenditures of students, faculty and staff; contributions from visitors to collegiate and sporting events; operations, construction and capital expenditures; and the impact the IED has made in helping business owners improve and grow their companies.

Lifetime productivity of the 4,600 UTSA students who graduated in 2008 alone is forecast to add another $4.8 billion to state economic output as they apply their skills in the new knowledge economy.

"Major public higher education and research institutions are key drivers of economic growth in all the most competitive and prosperous regions of the world, and UTSA is fulfilling that role for the San Antonio and South Texas region," said Robert McKinley, associate vice president for economic development.

As one of the fastest growing universities in the nation, since 1999, UTSA has doubled its enrollment from 18,500 to more than 28,000; increased research expenditures from $3.3 million to $51.8 million; and increased doctoral opportunities from three Ph.D. programs to 21.

"In addition to building an empowered workforce as the number one provider of college degrees in South Texas, UTSA is proud to provide an anchor for business development in the form of new jobs and businesses in South Texas," said UTSA President Ricardo Romo.

The $1.2 billion impact consists of $132 million in capital expenditures that created more than 1,000 jobs for the local community; $270 million contributed by faculty and staff; $264 million by students; $38 million by visitors; and $405 million generated from business clients of the IED.

View the complete report at the UTSA's Economic Impact 2008 Web site.

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