Last day of spring break is UTSA employee skeleton crew day

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(Feb. 26, 2010)--Friday, March 19, the last day of Spring Break, is designated a skeleton crew day for UTSA employees. The UTSA human resources department recommends all managers have their employees submit requests for time off in advance to determine departmental coverage.

All departments must have enough employees on duty to conduct business on days designated skeleton crew days (refer to the UTSA Holiday Schedule). Employee requests for leave on March 19 are subject to business needs and management approval. Taking action early can help the department provide needed coverage, minimize disruption and provide employees the opportunity to plan ahead.

An employee who serves as a member of a skeleton crew will be granted state compensatory time in lieu of the holiday in accordance with Chapter 4.27, section D, of the Handbook of Operating Procedures under "State Compensatory Time".

State compensatory time off must be scheduled within 12 months following the workweek in which it was earned and with the prior approval of the employee's supervisor.

For more information, contact Employee Relations at 210-458-7891.