UTSA updated policy on international travel to restricted regions is now online

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(Aug. 11, 2010)--The UTSA Policy on International Travel to Restricted Regions is now available online. Developed by the UTSA International Oversight Committee (IOC) in coordination with Julius Gribou, UTSA executive vice provost and senior international officer, the policy includes a restricted regions list of locations throughout the world where travel by UTSA faculty, staff and students is restricted.

The policy also details the required procedures and provides the necessary forms for any UTSA student, faculty or staff member who proposes to travel to an area on the list either to conduct university business or as part of any university-related activity.

The UTSA Restricted Regions List includes all countries with a current U.S. Department of State travel warning or alert. It also may include other identified international locations with specific health and safety concerns, which the IOC and executive vice provost deem sufficient to warrant inclusion on the list. The list will be updated as needed.

For more information, contact the Office of International Programs at 210-458-7240 or the Office of the Executive Vice Provost at 210-458-4994.