Student move-in kicks off fall semester and UTSA Roadrunner Days

Move-in Day
Move-in Day

Top photo: UTSA President Ricardo Romo (right) greets students and their families during move-in at on-campus residence facilities.
Bottom photo: At the Chaparral Village residence facility, Romo logs on to chat with new Facebook friends, assisted by UTSA staff member Omar Hernandez.
(Photos by Patrick R. Dunn)

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(Aug. 23, 2011)--Over the weekend, more than 4,000 students and their families unloaded a semester's worth of necessities as they moved the students into resident housing and got situated before the first day of school. UTSA President Ricardo Romo was on hand to welcome students and their families to campus.

Some students who moved into campus housing were returning after previous semesters under their belts, however, more of them were first-time college students. To help with the move, hundreds of faculty and staff members and students were on site to volunteer.

Move-in is the first official event for Roadrunner Days, a series of events and activities that give students an opportunity to preview campus life and experience the excitement of UTSA's growing campuses.

UTSA Roadrunner Days continues through the first week of class, ending with Roadrunners Late Night. For more information, visit the Roadrunner Days website.