UTSA policy requires approvals for visits of minors to laboratories, studios


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(April 23, 2013) -- This is the time of year when we invite elementary, middle and high school students to UTSA for camps and other learning opportunities. When these activities involve touring or working in laboratories or similar facilities, then UTSA Handbook of Operating Procedures (HOP) Policy 2.44, Minors in Laboratories or Similar Facilities, must be followed with some documentation and approvals in advance.

Any activities outside of laboratories, but involving items, experiments or equipment commonly found in laboratories are subject to HOP 2.44. Because of the nature of some items in UTSA art studios and workshops, minors in these areas are subject to HOP 2.44 as well.

>> Review HOP 2.44 at the UTSA Handbook of Operating Procedures website.

For more information regarding this policy, contact the Laboratory Safety Division of the UTSA Office of Environmental Health, Safety and Risk Management at 210-458-6697, 210-458-6101 or labsafety@utsa.edu