UTSA Office of Information Technology upgrades InSight computer application


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(Sept. 24, 2013) -- The UTSA Office of Information Technology has introduced two new enhancements to the InSight computer application. InSight is a new management tool that aggregates and displays information about a unit’s information resources.

With the InSight application, users can access information related to computer management including inventory, computer age and computer reporting statistics. The information displayed in InSight comes from multiple sources such as Define, Inventory, HRMS, network and computer management tools.

The first enhancement to InSight is a new full-featured search capability. Users can click the Search tab to display detailed information about computers in their unit based on the criteria they enter.

The second enhancement is the implementation of the new Desktop Encryption Indicator. This indicator displays the encryption status of a unit’s desktop computers. UT System has mandated that all high-risk computers have encryption software installed. A desktop computer is categorized as high-risk if it meets the criteria as described in the UT System guidelines.

With the release of InSight, UTSA leaders can make informed decisions about their information technology resources. Access to the application can be delegated to others so that everyone with the need can participate in the management of resources. The basic principle of InSight is that it will allow UTSA to move from a paradigm of trying to control technology to one where we manage it.

For more information about the InSIght changes, contact OITConnect by emailing oitconnect@utsa.edu or calling 210-458-5555.