Fiscal Services revises forms because of shift to UTShare/PeopleSoft

UT Share

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(May 7, 2014) -- As a result of the conversion to UTShare/PeopleSoft, UTSA Fiscal Services has updated several forms used by departments doing business with Fiscal Services. The updated forms include the Department Transmittal form (including the instructions tab), Petty Cash Reimbursement forms and various Cash Handling forms.

>> The new forms are available on the Fiscal Services website.

Departments taking deposits to Fiscal Services should use the new form, which requires the new UTShare PeopleSoft chart fields -- Account (formerly object code) and Speedtype (cost center or project ID -- formerly budget group).

Crosswalks to convert your old Define object codes to Account and old Define budget groups to Speedtype (Cost Center or Project ID) are available on two websites:

  • Within PeopleSoft under main menu item "UT Share FMS Conversion"
  • UTShare website

For more information, call Christopher Valles at 210-458-4293.