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Seven things you might not know about UTSA Campus Rec

(Sept. 7, 2017) -- The UTSA Recreation Wellness Center, better known as Campus Rec, is a 10-acre facility on the Main Campus here to enrich the personal wellness of all members of the UTSA family. While on the outside it may just look like a really nice gym, there’s more to Campus Rec than meets the eye.

You can take cooking demos there.

At the Campus Rec Demo Kitchen, a professional nutritionist gives regular free kitchen demos where students can learn how to make an endless array of delicious meals that are dorm room kitchen-friendly.

There are group exercise classes for every schedule.

Zumba, Cycle, Yoga and Cardio Dance are just a few of the many classes available for free with a Campus Rec membership. Classes are usually available all day to accommodate any schedule, and they’re held at the Main Campus as well as the Downtown Fitness Center.

The new Aquatics Center offers a break from the Texas heat.

A lap pool and a leisure pool are waiting for you to take a dip on a hot day or get some exercise. There’s also a sand volleyball court and tons of pool gear for some wet and wild fun. Plus, the Aquatics Center offers private and group lessons for kids and adults.

It’s literally impossible to NOT find a machine.

While most gyms might have an overcrowding problem, the Campus Rec has so many rooms and wings full of cardio and weight-lifting machines that you’ll never run the risk of finding all the treadmills taken.

There’s an indoor track...

We don’t know if you’ve noticed, but it gets hot in Texas. For runners who want to avoid running in the heat (or just prefer running indoors), the top level of Campus Rec features an elevated track circling the whole complex that makes it easier to tackle those miles in the A/C without falling victim to heat stroke.

…and a Rockwall.

Feeling adventurous? Not ready for mountains yet? UTSA’s home to one of the tallest indoor rockwalls in Texas. The Rockwall has routes for every skill level and interest, and there’s always trained staff available to teach novices how to climb safely. For experienced climbers looking to challenge themselves, Campus Rec hosts climbing events all year long.

Get fit downtown.

Campus Rec also runs a facility at the Downtown Campus. Located on the third floor of the Durango Building, the Downtown Fitness Center includes a weight room with cardio equipment, pin-loaded weight machines and free weights, plus a series of programs and events throughout the semester. Not only can students get in a quick workout between or after class, they can also head over to the Rowdy SportCourt™  for a quick game of hoops.

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