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1/1/2009 - 1/31/2009

01/30/09 Institute of Texan Cultures hosts Asian Festival, Jan. 31
01/30/09 UTSA hosts Southwest Guitar Festival, Feb. 4-8
01/30/09 Buy official UTSA Homecoming 2009 t-shirt
01/30/09 Project competition helps UTSA grad students excel
01/29/09 UTSA Spotlight: Cristina Forbes
01/29/09 Faculty Close-Up: Pepe Lee Chang
01/28/09 CineFestival free screening is Jan. 29 at UTSA
01/28/09 UTSA hosts Jan. 29 intellectual property talk
01/27/09 UTSA collaborates on trio of art retrospectives
01/27/09 UTSA adopts 'Culture of Quantitative Scholarship'
01/27/09 Fed funds aid UTSA energy combustion study
01/26/09 Diploma Dash celebrates 25th anniversary
01/26/09 Group advisers, leaders to learn risk management
01/26/09 UTSA opens health disparities initiative Jan. 27
01/24/09 UTSA weather updates: What you need to know
01/23/09 UTSA president announces final QEP topic
01/23/09 Alt Spring Break advisers, participants needed
01/22/09 UTSA receives $1.2M gift from Kleberg Foundation
01/21/09 UTSA Homecoming 2009 is Feb. 26-28
01/20/09 UTSA participates in Recyclemania 2009 contest
01/19/09 Inspiring UTSA employee Rose Mendez dies at age 80
01/16/09 View inauguration across UTSA campuses Jan. 20 (>>C-SPAN2 Link)
01/14/09 UTSA Police awarded international accreditation
01/14/09 UTSA community invited to Jan. 19 MLK march
01/14/09 High-stakes testing expert speaks Jan. 15 at UTSA
01/13/09 Institute of Texan Cultures names executive director
01/13/09 UTSA's ITC hosts exhibit inspired by WWII stories
01/13/09 UTSA's TLC looks back on productive fall semester
01/09/09 UTSA begins Miller Plaza improvement project
01/09/09 Start training now for Diploma Dash, Feb. 21
01/09/09 City program provides free trees to UTSA
01/09/09 Officer lauds Air Force for leadership, service opps
01/08/09 UTSA's new 'Fast Facts' brochures are here
01/07/09 Students: Nominate your favorite faculty members
01/07/09 Classes on discrimination, harassment prevention
01/07/09 UTSA presents stalking awareness workshop
01/06/09 Faculty, staff: 'Buy-one, one-free' basketball tickets
01/06/09 Accept the UT System Physical Activity Challenge
01/05/09 Call for volunteers: 22nd annual Asian Festival
01/05/09 UTSA graduate student orientation is Jan. 7
01/05/09 ISFD hosts grant writing workshop Jan. 21-23
01/05/09 Photo Gallery: UTSA Fall 2008 Commencement Ceremonies