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Travel policies, procedures and facilitation

Request for Travel Authorization


ATTENTION: New FMOG – Travel Reimbursement published on 03/09/11 and will become effective on 05/10/11.


Prior approval for all business travel outside of Bexar County is required for absences from the campus (or other designated headquarters) during the normal working period, whether or not there is a cost to The University.

No travel authorizations are needed for trips within Bexar County.

A Request for Travel Authorization (RTA) should state the traveler's name, dates of travel, destination, purpose and benefit of travel and the account number to be charged. Appropriate arrangements for disposition of duties must be made in advance of the travel. If classes are to be missed, a qualified member of the instructional staff shall be identified and approved by the Division Director as a substitute instructor. Under normal circumstances, classes should not be rescheduled.

Travel expense limitations must be stated on the RTA.


RTA signature process should be as follows:



Principal Investigator/Project Manager (Grant funding only)

Department Chair

Contracts and Grants (Grant funding only)


Appropriate Vice President (Foreign or Student Travel only)


The original RTA should be filed in the office of the final approval. It is the responsibility of this office to forward a copy of the approved RTA to the Department originating the travel and the Travel Office.

The Request for Travel Authorization is located in the Public Folders of Microsoft Outlook UTSA forms Travel Office section.


Washington D.C.

Effective September 1, 2005, the reporting requirements to the Texas Office of State and Federal Relations (OSFR) have changed. Travel to Washington D.C. no longer requires prior reporting unless the purpose for travel is for one of the following reasons:

                        a) Obtaining or spending federal funds

                        b) Impacting federal policies

The OSFR web site can be accessed at:



Updated November 2006


Foreign Travel not to include Canada and Mexico

The Request for Governor Approval is no longer required for foreign travel. All foreign travel not to include Canada and Mexico must be routed to the appropriate VP for final approval.

Grants & Contracts:

When any foreign travel expenses are to be paid from grant and/or contract funds, the required approvals may take the following forms: a letter from the appropriate financial officer giving approval for use of funds for such travel, or specific authorization for the travel may be stated in the approved grant or contract. It is the responsibility of the Principal Investigator to secure all necessary approvals: failure to do so will result in disallowance of the travel expense reimbursement.

Documentation Required for Foreign Travel Request

  • Statement from traveler as to how the trip will benefit UTSA students
  • Brief daily itinerary for extent of authorized absence
  • If presenting a paper, one of the following is required:
  • Letter of invitation
  • Copy of program with the speaker's name in print
  • If attending a conference, provide a copy of the conference brochure
  • For foreign exchange rate information - www.oanda.com/converter/classic