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Academic Coaching

Academic Coaching can help you:

  • Use your notes more effectively
  • Understand and remember more of what you read
  • Prepare better for tests
  • Develop better time management habits
  • Enhance your study skills

Fall 2016 Undergraduate Student Academic Coaching Testimonials:

  • “Overall good session. Felt comfortable and understood our conversation.” (September)
  • “My coach was very helpful to me. I need to talk to her and she listened.” (September)
  • “I am really grateful for this support resource provided by the TRC” (September)
  • “I feel prepared and ready to pursue my goals in a manageable manner with success!!” (September)
  • “My first session was really nice. My coach was understanding of my concerns and willing to listen to what I had to say.” (August)
  • “My coach is a great person and listens to everything. She gives ideas and how to apply what I have learned and need to learn to succeed. (August)
  • “Great first experience.” (August)
  • “Learned how to better manage study time by separating into intervals. She said it is like eating an elephant one bite at a time.” (August)

Summer 2016 Undergraduate Student Academic Coaching Testimonials:

  • "Thank you. I will be back during the fall for motivation” (July)
  • “Wish I would have come sooner in my college career” (July)
  • “I was able to have my notes reviewed and found out that I did well with the new techniques I learned” (July)
  • “More students need these methods” (July)
  • “If more freshmen used these services (including the Writing Center & Career Center) they wouldn’t feel confused and frustrated and would make the most out of their time instead of struggling as a senior” (June)
  • “Keep it up. I encourage all my freshmen friends to attend their entire college career.” (June)
  • “My coach was very understanding and supportive. She made me realize I’m not alone in this.” (June)
  • “Listening. I appreciated Shannon listening to my situation, then helping me with ideas that may be helpful to me later.” (June)

Spring 2016 Undergraduate Student Academic Coaching Testimonials:

  • “The academic coach is very informative and easy to talk to.” (May)
  • “Thank you for all of your help and advice.” (May)
  • “Advised me on my strengths and weaknesses and what I need to do to complete my degree.” (May)
  • “From my perspective, everything was helpful.” (May)
  • “Academic Coaching makes me feel that everything will be OK and that I can Graduate” (April)
  • “Thank you for your help! I truly appreciate it!” (April)
  • “I plan on having an academic coach until I graduate next year, honestly” (April)
  • “Extremely helpful, made me see things in a way I never saw before” (April)
  • “My coach was very understanding of my cognitive process and very supportive” (April)
  • “Tips were given on how to study for an exam to reduce test anxiety” (March)
  • “Thank you for this resource.” (February)
  • “I enjoy coming in and talking with my academic coach.” (February)
  • “I appreciate your time and effort. Thank you.” (February)
  • “Introduced me to the goal of academic coaching and what I need to improve on." (February)
  • [My academic coach] is always helpful and motivational” (January)
  • “It has helped me by making me reflect and not be so hard on myself academically.” (January)
  • “Instilled confidence that ‘I can’ and an efficient way to plan ahead” (January)
  • [My academic coach] is always helpful and motivational” (January)
  • “It has helped me by making me reflect and not be so hard on myself academically.” (January)
  • “I’m constantly surprised at [my academic coaches] insight and adaptability to tackle productivity problems” (January)

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