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Todd W. Troyer - Publications

Christopher M. Glaze and Todd W. Troyer. Behavioral Measurements of a Temporally Precise Motor Code for Birdsong.  Journal of Neuroscience, 27(29): 7631-7639, 2007.(PDF) (Supplemental materials)

Todd W. Troyer. Factors Affecting Phase Synchrony in Integrate-and-Fire Oscillators. Journal of Computational Neuroscience. 20(10):191-200, 2006. (PDF)

Ping Du and Todd W. Troyer. A Segmentation Algorithm for Zebra Finch Song at the Note Level. Neurocomputing, 69(10-12): 1375-1379, 2006. (PDF)

Joanna R. Pressley and Todd W. Troyer. Temporal Processing in the Exponential Integrate-and-Fire Model is Nonlinear. Neurocomputing, 69(10-12): 1076-1080, 2006. (PDF)

David. L. Boothe, Avis H. Cohen, and Todd W. Troyer. Temporal Correlations in Stochastic Models of Double Bursting During Locomotion.  Journal of Neurophysiology. 95(3):1556-70, 2006. (PDF)

Christopher M. Glaze and Todd W. Troyer. Temporal Structure in Zebra Finch Song: Implications for Motor Coding.  Journal of Neuroscience, 26(3):991-1005, 2006.(PDF) (Supplemental materials)

Todd W. Troyer, Anton E. Krukowski, and Kenneth D. Miller. LGN input to simple cells and contrast-invariant orientation tuning: An analysis.  Journal of Neurophysiology, 87(6):2741-2752, 2002.  (PDF)

Kenneth D. Miller and Todd W. Troyer. Neural noise can explain expansive, power-law nonlinearities in neural response functions.  Journal of Neurophysiology, 87(2):653-659, 2002.  (PDF)

Todd W. Troyer and Sarah W. Bottjer. Birdsong:  Models and mechanisms.  Current Opinion in Neurobiology, 11(6):721-6, 2001.  (PDF)

Anton E. Krukowski, Todd W. Troyer, and Kenneth D. Miller. A model of visual cortical temporal frequency tuning. Neurocomputing,38:1379-1383, 2001.

Todd W. Troyer and Allison J. Doupe. An associational model of birdsong sensorimotor learning. I. Efference copy  and the learning of song syllables.   Journal of Neurophysiology, 84(3):1204-1223, 2000.  (PDF)

Todd W. Troyer and Allison J. Doupe. An Associational Model of Birdsong Sensorimotor Learning. II. Temporal hierarchies and the learning of song sequence.   Journal of Neurophysiology, 84(3):1224-1239, 2000. (PDF)

Todd W. Troyer, Anton E. Krukowski, Nicholas J. Priebe, and Kenneth D. Miller.  Contrast-invariant orientation tuning in visual cortex: feedforward tuning and correlation-based intracortical connectivity. Journal of Neuroscience, 18(15): 5908-5927, 1998.  (PDF)

Todd W. Troyer and Kenneth D. Miller.  Physiological gain leads to high ISI variability in a simple model of a cortical regular spiking cell. Neural Computation, 9(5):971-983. 1997. Reprinted in L.F. Abbott and T.J. Sejnowski, editors, Neural Codes and Distributed Representations: Foundations of Neural Computation. MIT Press, pp.187-199, 1999. (PDF)

Todd W. Troyer. Feedforward Hebbian learning with nonlinear output units: a Lyapunov approach.  Neural Networks, 9(2):321-328, 1996. (PDF)

Todd W. Troyer, Jacob E. Levin,  and Gwen A. Jacobs. Construction and analysis of a database representing a neural map.  Microscopy Research and Technique, 29:329-343, 1994.

Book Chapters

Bill Baird, Todd W. Troyer, and Frank Eeckman.  Attentional network streams of synchronized 40 Hz activity in a cortical architecture of coupled oscillating associative memories.  In D. Levine, V. Brown, and T. Shirley, editors, Oscillations in Neural Systems. Laurence Erlbaum, 2000.

Other Articles

Todd W. Troyer.  A Mathematician’s Road to Neuroethology. International Society for Neuroethology Newsletter, Nov 2003. (PDF)