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Research articles and reviews:

Christopher M. Glaze and Todd W. Troyer. A Generative Model for Measuring Latent Timing Structure in Motor Sequences.  PLoS ONE (in press), 2012. (PDF)

Collin J. Lobb, Todd W. Troyer, Charles G. Wilson, Carlos A. Paladini. Disinhibition Bursting of Dopaminergic Neurons. Frontiers in Systems Neuroscience, DOI 10.3389/fnsys.2011.00025, May 10, 2011.  (PDF)

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Joanna R. Pressley and Todd W. Troyer. Complementary Responses to Mean and Variance Modulations in the Perfect Integrate-and-Fire Model.  Biological Cybernetics, 101:63-70, 2009. (PDF)

Christopher M. Glaze and Todd W. Troyer. Behavioral Measurements of a Temporally Precise Motor Code for Birdsong.  Journal of Neuroscience, 27(29): 7631-7639, 2007.(PDF) (Supplemental materials)

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Todd W. Troyer, Anton E. Krukowski, and Kenneth D. Miller. LGN input to simple cells and contrast-invariant orientation tuning: An analysis.  Journal of Neurophysiology, 87(6):2741-2752, 2002.  (PDF)

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Todd W. Troyer and Allison J. Doupe. An associational model of birdsong sensorimotor learning. I. Efference copy  and the learning of song syllables.   Journal of Neurophysiology, 84(3):1204-1223, 2000.  (PDF)

Todd W. Troyer and Allison J. Doupe. An Associational Model of Birdsong Sensorimotor Learning. II. Temporal hierarchies and the learning of song sequence.   Journal of Neurophysiology, 84(3):1224-1239, 2000. (PDF)

Todd W. Troyer, Anton E. Krukowski, Nicholas J. Priebe, and Kenneth D. Miller.  Contrast-invariant orientation tuning in visual cortex: feedforward tuning and correlation-based intracortical connectivity. Journal of Neuroscience, 18(15): 5908-5927, 1998.  (PDF)

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Christopher M. Glaze and Todd W. Troyer. Cool Songs.  Nature, 456(7219):187-8, 2008. (PDF)

Todd W. Troyer.  A Mathematician’s Road to Neuroethology. International Society for Neuroethology Newsletter, Nov 2003. (PDF)

Book Chapters

Bill Baird, Todd W. Troyer, and Frank Eeckman.  Attentional network streams of synchronized 40 Hz activity in a cortical architecture of coupled oscillating associative memories.  In D. Levine, V. Brown, and T. Shirley, editors, Oscillations in Neural Systems. Laurence Erlbaum, 2000.