How much does it cost to use the Writing Center?
Nothing. Writing Center services are free.

Where is the Writing Center located?
We have two locations. At the 1604 campus, we are located on the main floor of the JPL (2.01.12D). We also have an office at the downtown campus in the Frio Street Building (FS 4.432).

What is involved in a visit to the Writing Center?
Each visit is personalized to your needs. The tutors are there to help you. The tutor will read through your paper with you, answer your questions, and work with you to strengthen your skills as a writer. You and the tutor may discuss any aspect of your writing or the writing process.

What would a visit do for me?
Many instructors say that student writing improves after quality feedback. As a writer, you will notice, after a  visit with The Writing Center, your process of revision is more productive. You may find yourself more attentive to your writing, spending more time on your writing, and beginning to think more confidently and analytically of yourself as a writer.

Do I need to make an appointment with a tutor?
While you are welcome to walk-in at any of the locations during their open hours, you're also welcome to make an appointment for either of our centers. Keep in mind that many other students have papers as well.  So, an appointment will often keep you from having to stand in a long line!

Can I request a particular tutor?
Yes. If you are making an appointment, just request the tutor by name.

What kind of help will I receive from a tutor?
Writing Center tutors will discuss your writing assignments with you and make suggestions on approaching a topic, organizing a paper, developing your style, or correcting recurring errors. Tutors may also direct you to other resources for further assistance. Tutors will not edit or proofread a paper or write any part of your paper for you. We will help you with grammar and punctuation, though.

What do I need to bring with me?
Bring your questions, ideas, notes, doodles, and your assignment or writing task. The more information you give us about the task, the more focused our advice can be. Bring a hard copy of your essay. Bring writing at any stage of your process. It is also helpful if you bring a copy of the assignment.

Will my instructor know that I used The Writing Center?
Whether you inform your professor that you have visited The Writing Center is your decision. After your session, we will give you a form that proves you did visit with us. You may give it to your professor if you wish. We do not notify the professor ourselves.

What if I just have a quick question about my writing?
You will find that we have more than one tutor at many hours.  If someone is not busy, he or she can certainly answer your question on the spot.  Also, feel free to contact us with simple questions via Twitter.

What are the hours of The Writing Center?
See our ‘Schedule’ page for a full schedule at all locations.

Who can get help at The Writing Center?
Students, faculty, and staff.  Anyone who wants help with UTSA-related writing is welcome at The Writing Center.

Do I need a completed draft?
No.  You may come into The Writing Center for help brainstorming or with any other stage of the writing process.