Pamela Mahan

Office: GSR 1.112H
Phone: (210) 458-5393

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Pamela Mahan received her BA in Religion/Biblical Languages from Oklahoma Baptist University. After graduation, she worked various jobs before finding work in the Correspondence Department of a local San Antonio government agency. This experience of reading customers’ letters on a daily basis motivated her to apply to graduate school to get a Masters in English so she could help people improve their writing skills. This practical application of writing skills shapes her approach to teaching. 

Mrs. Mahan began her MA work at the University of Texas at San Antonio, then completed her degree at the University of Hawaii at Manoa in 2011. While a grad student at UH, she worked as a tutor in the Writing Center which complemented her focus on Composition and Rhetoric. Her Masters’ Project focused on how individuals reshape their identity during times of grief through involvement in online support communities and other social media. 

After Hawaii, she lived in San Diego where she taught composition courses at a community college before she returned to San Antonio and began teaching with the UTSA Writing Program in 2015. 

Mrs. Mahan enjoys good jokes, watching SyFy’s Face Off, perusing bookstores for books she will never have time to read, and DVRing shows she will never have time to watch.