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Minor in International Studies

The Minor in International Studies offers students the opportunity to combine a major in a standard discipline with an interdisciplinary examination of the contexts and structures of relationships among nations.

All students pursuing a Minor in International Studies must complete 18 semester credit hours.

  1. 3 semester credit hours selected from the following:

    INS   2403  Introduction to International Study
    POL  2533  Introduction to Political Science
    POL  2603  International Politics

  2. 15 semester credit hours; 12 hours of which must be at the upper-division level, and 1 course must be taken from three of the four different categories below:

    1. Geography or History:

      GRG 1023  World Regional Geography
      GRG 3113  Geography of the United States and Canada
      GRG 3143  Geography of Mexico
      GRG 3213  Cultural Geography
      GRG 3423  Geopolitics of Russia and Eurasia
      GRG 3433  The Geography and Politics of the Asian Rim
      GRG 3533  Geography of Economic Activity
      GRG 3613  Conservation of Resources
      GRG 3633  Geography of Development
      HIS  2533  Introduction to Latin American Civilization
      HIS  2543  Introduction to Islamic Civilization
      HIS  2553  Introduction to East Asian Civilization
      HIS  2563  Introduction to European Civilization
      HIS  2573  Introduction to African Civilization
      HIS  2583  Introduction to South Asian Civilization
      HIS  3243  Europe in the Nineteenth Century
      HIS  3283  Twentieth-Century Europe
      HIS  3303  History of Mexico
      HIS  3353  Latin America since Independence
      HIS  3373  Revolution in Latin America
      HIS  3523  European Cultural History
      HIS  3603  Occupation, Revolution and Nation in Africa
      HIS  3613  Migration, Society and Culture in Africa
      HIS  3643  Modern Spain
      HIS  3753  The Soviet Union and After
      HIS  3823  History of American Foreign Relations
      HIS  3943  History of India
      IDS  2213  World Civilization since the Fifteenth Century

    2. Economics, Finance or Marketing International Business:

      ECO   3193  International Economics
      ECO   4303  Economics of Developing Countries
      FIN    4613  Introduction to International Finance
      MGT  4073  International Management
      MGT  4083  Comparative International Management Practices
      MKT  4073  International Marketing

    3. Humanities, Intercultural Communication and Fine Arts:

      AHC  1123  Survey of Art and Architecture in Europe and the New World from 1350 to 1750
      AHC  1133  Survey of Modern Art
      AHC  3113  Contemporary Art
      AHC  3423  Arts of Ancient America
      ARC  2413  History of Architecture: Prehistory through Medieval
      ARC  2423  History of Architecture: Renaissance through Nineteenth Century
      COM 3553  Intercultural Communication
      COM 3563  International Communication
      CSH  1203  Introduction to Hispanic Cultures
      CSH  1213  Topics in World Cultures
      GER  4213  Topics in German Culture and Linguistics
      HUM 2093  World Religions
      HUM 3623  Topics in National Cultures and Civilizations
      IDS  2313  World Literature II: Since the Sixteenth Century
      PHI  3073  Asian Philosophy
      POL 3743  Film in Politics
      SPN 2523  Hispanic Culture and Communication
      SPN 3613  Spanish Culture and Civilization
      SPN 3623  Latin American Culture and Civilization

    4. Social Sciences:

      ANT 3363  Indians of Mesoamerica
      ANT 4263  Anthropology of Globalization and Development
      INS  4953  Topics in International Studies
      POL  2603  International Politics
      POL  2633  Comparative Politics
      POL  3033  International Governance
      POL  3043  Human Rights
      POL  3063  Comparative Political Participation
      POL  3393  Latin American Politics
      POL  3403  European Politics
      POL  3423  Geopolitics of Russia and Eurasia
      POL  3433  Governments and Politics of Southeast Asia
      POL  3443  Governments and Politics of East Asia
      POL  3453  The Politics of Mexico
      POL  3463  Politics of the Third World
      POL  3473  Theories and Problems in Latin American Politics
      POL  3483  International Political Economy
      POL  3493  Politics of the Middle East
      POL  3503  American Foreign Policy since World War II
      POL  3513  International Organizations
      POL  3523  Force in International Politics
      POL  3563  Current Issues in World Politics
      POL  3743  Film in Politics
      POL  3763  Globalization
      POL  3783  Comparative Democratization
      POL  4003  Comparative Foreign Policy
      POL  4103  Latin America and the World
      POL  4143  The European Union
      PSY  3053  Cross-Cultural Psychology

  3. 6 semester credit hours of a single foreign language other than English

Students may substitute the following courses for courses under section B with approval of Department Chair:

INS  4913  Independent Study
INS  4933  Internship in International Studies

To declare a Minor in International Studies, obtain advice, or seek approval of substitutions for course requirements, students should consult the College of Liberal and Fine Arts Advising Center.

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