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Vision Statement

The College of Liberal and Fine Arts will become an internationally recognized college of liberal and fine arts providing the core intellectual experience that prepares students for their role as responsible citizens in a free society.

Mission Statement

The College of Liberal and Fine Arts will meet the needs of the diverse population of Texas through quality research and creative work, exemplary teaching, and professional contributions to the community.

General Information

The College of Liberal and Fine Arts (COLFA) includes 11 departments in the fine arts, humanities, and social sciences. COLFA is the largest UTSA college. It is responsible for one-third of all the instruction delivered at the University and serves all University students through the Core Curriculum. In addition, the College offers 19 major degree programs and 26 minors. One-fourth of all UTSA undergraduate degree recipients annually are COLFA majors.

COLFA faculty are among the University’s leading researchers, recognized regionally, nationally, and internationally. Faculty and their students play a major role in improving the community through the creation and application of new knowledge in numerous artistic, cultural, business, and public policy settings.

The COLFA Signature Experience

Every undergraduate degree program in the College includes a capstone experience that involves the practical application of liberal and fine arts training in a professional setting. The Signature Experience may be pursued through an organized class assignment, independent study research project, internship, performance, public presentation, or other activity as deemed appropriate to the discipline. Students should consult with their advisor or department chair to learn about Signature Experience opportunities in their major.