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Minor in Management Science

The Minor in Management Science is open to all majors in the University. All students pursuing the minor must complete 18 semester credit hours.

  1. 6 semester credit hours of the following courses:

    MS   3053  Management Science and Operations Technology
    MS   4343  Production/Operations Management

  2. 12 semester credit hours of electives chosen from the following:

    ECO  3123   Introduction to Econometrics and Business Forecasting
    FIN    4523  Introduction to Risk Management
    FIN    4873  Computer Modeling of Financial Applications
    MKT  3083   Marketing Research
    MS    3063   Decision Support Systems
    MS    3073   Business Analytics
    MS    3313   Business Applications of Statistics
    MS    3403   Logistics Management
    MS    3413   Purchasing and Inventory Management
    MS    4313   Six Sigma and Lean Operations
    MS    4323   Simulation Applications in Business
    MS    4333   Project Management
    MS    4353   Service Operations Management
    MS    4363   Quality Management and Control
    MS    4383   Applied Forecasting in Operations
    MS    4543   Supply Chain Management
    MS    4913   Independent Study in Management Science
    MS    4933   Internship in Management Science
    MS    4953   Special Studies in Management Science
    STA  3003   Applied Statistics
    STA  3313   Experiments and Sampling
    STA  4133   Introduction to Programming and Data Management in SAS
    STA  4753   Time-Series Analysis
    STA  4803   Statistical Quality Control

To declare a Minor in Management Science, obtain advice, and seek approval of substitutions for course requirements, students must consult the College of Business Undergraduate Advising Center.

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