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African American Studies (AAS) Course Descriptions

College of Education and Human Development

AAS 2013  Introduction to African American Studies
(3-0) 3 hours credit.
Offers an interdisciplinary introduction to major topics in African American Studies. Course materials will address basic contours of the black experience in the United States. Topics that may be investigated include historical, autobiographical, political, cultural, sociological, literacy, and/or popular responses to and representation of African Americans in the United States. (Same as AMS 2103. Credit cannot be earned for both AAS 2013 and AMS 2103.)

AAS 3013  African American Modes of Expression
(3-0) 3 hours credit.
This course examines modes of expression in the African American experience. The primary focus of the course can be language, art, music, or other forms of cultural expression. The substantive and disciplinary emphasis can vary from one semester to another. May be repeated for credit if the content, emphasis, and disciplinary cross listing change, and with the consent of advisor, program director, and Dean.

AAS 4013  Topics in African American Studies
(3-0) 3 hours credit.
This course analyzes historical and contemporary issues and phenomena associated with African Americans. It explores different methodological approaches by inquiring about these issues and phenomena, and presents varying arguments and ideological positions concerning these public-affairs matters. May be repeated for credit when topics vary. Two or more topics courses may be taken concurrently.

AAS 4911-3  Independent Study
1 to 3 hours credit. Prerequisites: Permission in writing (form available) from the instructor, the student’s advisor, the program director, and Dean of the College in which the course is offered.
Independent reading, research, discussion, and/or writing under the direction of a faculty member. May be repeated for credit, but not more than 6 semester credit hours of independent study, regardless of discipline, will apply to a bachelor’s degree. A maximum of 3 semester credit hours may be applied to the minor.

AAS 4933  Internship in African American Studies
3 hours credit. Prerequisite: Consent of internship coordinator.
Supervised experience relevant to African American studies within selected community organizations. A maximum of 3 semester credit hours may be applied to the minor.