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Writing Program (WRC) Course Descriptions

Office of Undergraduate Studies

WRC 0103  Developmental Writing
(3-1) 3 hours credit.
Offers the opportunity to increase writing skills before enrollment in WRC 1013. Intensive practice in the writing process, including prewriting, drafting, organization, sentence structure, and use of grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Also includes critical reading of academic writing and introduces library research and documentation. One hour per week in The Writing Center, beyond in-class meeting time, is required. Individual teachers design activities for this additional hour. Offered on a credit/no-credit basis. Does not satisfy degree requirements. This course may be repeated.

WRC 1013  Freshman Composition I [TCCN: ENGL 1301.]
(3-0) 3 hours credit.
Focuses on academic writing. Reviews principles of the writing process, including editing for Standard American English and using and documenting sources. Introduces patterns of organization and development, summary and paraphrase, analysis, evaluation, and synthesis of multiple sources drawn from a variety of cultural and intellectual contexts. Includes extensive library research and documentation and some attention to oral and visual communication. (This course, or an equivalent, is required of all undergraduates to fulfill the Core Curriculum requirement and is typically taken during the first semester of the freshman year. WRC 1013 and WRC 1023 may not be taken concurrently.) (Formerly ENG 1013. Credit cannot be earned for both WRC 1013 and ENG 1013.)

WRC 1023  Freshman Composition II [TCCN: ENGL 1302.]
(3-0) 3 hours credit. Prerequisite: WRC 1013.
Focuses on academic writing, following the writing process, from prewriting through editing. Extensive writing practice in the use of logical and organizational patterns and introduction to persuasion in written, oral, and visual form. Develops critical and analytical skills through multidisciplinary and multicultural readings, using extensive library research and documentation. (This course, or an equivalent, is required of all undergraduates to fulfill the Core Curriculum requirement and should be taken as the continuation of WRC 1013. WRC 1013 and WRC 1023 may not be taken concurrently.) (Formerly ENG 1023. Credit cannot be earned for both WRC 1023 and ENG 1023.)

WRC 3013  Writing Strategies for the Pre-law Student
(3-0) 3 hours credit. Prerequisite: Completion of Core Curriculum requirement in rhetoric.
This writing course is designed for students planning to become attorneys. It emphasizes clear, concise writing, as well as editing conventions necessary to produce readable and correct prose, free of jargon and inflated language. It provides students with an opportunity to improve their ability to express their understanding of law and its application to fact scenarios. The course introduces organizational strategies used to identify relevant elements of facts and law appropriate to the construction of well-written arguments and documents.

WRC 4123  Topics in Writing
(3-0) 3 hours credit. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor.
Writing intensive course on various aspects of writing, such as Writing Center tutoring, scientific technical writing, legal technical writing, and writing in the disciplines. May be repeated for credit when topics vary. (Formerly WRC 3123.)