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Admission Requirements

Ready to take that first step? UTSA provides a streamlined application process, and our admissions counselors are ready to provide you with a wide range of services and materials.

Incoming Freshman

You are a Freshman Applicant if you have not graduated from high school at the time of application or you have graduated from high school, but did not enroll in a college or university since graduation.

Incoming Transfer Students

You are a Transfer Applicant if you have attended a college or university since earning a high school degree or GED.

High School Students
(Early Admission)

You are an early admission high school student if you are a well-prepared high school junior or senior who wants to begin earning college credit.

See Requirements For:

Early Admission

Returning Students

You are a returning student if you have been away from UTSA for at least one semester and are no longer listed as a current or active student.

See Requirements For:

Re-Admission to UTSA

Non-Degree Seeking Students

You are a non-degree seeking student if you want to attend UTSA with the intention of not completing a degree program. If you wish to take courses for multiple semeters, you must apply through Apply Texas. If you wish to take courses for the summer term only and transfer credits back to your home institution, you must apply using our UTSA Summer Application.