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Applicant Requirements

Ready to take that first step? UTSA provides a streamlined application process, and our admissions counselors are ready to provide you with a wide range of services and materials.

I am a Freshman

You are a Freshmen Applicant if you have not graduated from high school at the time of application. Applicants who have graduated from high school, but did not enroll in a college or university after graduation are also freshmen applicants.

View Freshmen Requirements

I am a High School student for Early Admission

Well-prepared high school juniors and seniors who want to begin earning college credit

» View Early Admission Requirements    » Apply to UTSA

I am a Transfer

You are a Transfer Applicant if you have attended a college or university since earning a high school degree or GED

   View Transfer Requirements

I am an International Student

Applicants who are not United States citizens or permanent residents.

» View Freshmen International Student Requirements
» View Transfer International Student Requirements
» Apply to UTSA

I am a Returning Student

Former UTSA students who have been away from UTSA for at least one semester

» View Returning Student Requirements    » Apply to UTSA

I am a Non-Degree-Seeking Student

Students who seek to earn college credits, but do not intend to complete a degree program or students who seek to take a summer class for transfer credit to their home institution.

» View Non-Degree Requirements    » Apply to UTSA