Mission Statement

Our mission is comprised of four areas: research, mentorship, community outreach and diversity in education. 



 Our research is focused on investigating the neurobiology of aging. We take a multilevel approach combining molecular, behavioral and electrophysiological methods. In particular, we are interested in investigating how oxidative stress affects cellular processes that ultimately result in the alteration of physiological processes underlying learning and memory.


Student Mentorship

 We consider mentorship of students as being an integral part of our research program. We encourage students to explore different projects, work independently, publish articles, and attend seminars, local and national meetings where they can network with other researchers and thus open a window of opportunities for graduate school or postdoctoral positions.


Community Outreach

  We are committed to educating K-12 teachers and students in our community about opportunities found at the university.  Opportunities are provided for the teachers and students to visit labs and learn about research.  We also believe that by providing resources to K-12 teachers we can enhance the learning experience of the students and motivate them to consider a research-associated career.


Diversity In Education

 We believe that diversity in education is an important component of our education. We support a culturally diverse research environment and encourage minority students to join us.   We believe that by embracing diversity we will be able to fill the gap in the representation of women and ethnic minorities in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM).