David Senseman
David M. Senseman, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

Phone: (210) 458-5485
Email: David.Senseman@utsa.edu

Areas of Specialization
  • visualization and modeling of cortical network activity

UTSA Neurosciences Institute


Ph.D.; Princeton University
M.S.; Princeton University
B.S.; Kent State University

Research Interests

Dr. Senseman’s Genome Lab is currently in the process of refocusing its research efforts from neurophysiological studies of cortical processing towards the study of the genetic basis of mammalian behavior. Much of the advanced computational and visualization techniques that were developed for high-speed imaging of cortical behavior are now being reapplied to the analysis of genomic data. Of particular interest is the remarkable behavioral repertoire of the dog, Canis familiaris. There are currently more than 350 distinct breeds that have been selected largely based on morphological and/or behavioral traits. Because of selective breeding over many generations, many of these behavioral phenotypes are either fixed or close to fixation in large number of populations. This high level of fixation provides a unique and very powerful tool for identifying specific gene regions associated with breed-specific behaviors. To fully exploit these advantages, a large compute server (called "Great Dane") was constructed in the lab for genomic analysis.

Training Opportunities

Opportunities exist for students to learn how to use Linux workstations for genomic analysis using the R software language in combination with the RStudio integrated software development environment (IDE).


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