Wicha Lab: Brain, Language, and Cognition


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Math Brain Study

We are currently looking for 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade monolingual or Spanish-English bilingual children to participate in our Math Brain Study. Our research focuses on how language can affect math abilities in elementary school students. Every child gets to experience research first hand by playing a computerized math game while we look at their brain waves. Upon participation, each child will also 1) earn cash, 2) earn prizes (e.g. toys, school supplies), and 3) take home a printout of their electrical brain activity. We compensate parents for travel costs and provide you with a free UTSA parking permit. The one session lasts approximately 2 hours.

Adult Cognition Study

We are currently looking for monolingual or bilingual adults between the ages of 18-35 to participate in an EEG study on math and language. Bilingual adults must be fluent in Spanish and English. Monolingual adults must not have had extensive exposure to another language; that is, if your parents or other family members regularly spoke a language other than English at home, even if you never learned to speak or understand it, you are not eligible for participation. You will be given several math and language tasks to complete while we record your brain activity. The study lasts around 3 hours and you will be compensated for the entire session.


We can schedule an appointment for you to come into our lab and complete the study at a time that is convenient for you. Contact us today!


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