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Real time measures of the brain basis of multilingualism. Wicha, N.Y.Y., Moreno Montes, E.M. & Carrasco Ortiz, E.H. In J.W., Schwieter, (Ed.), The Handbook of the Neuroscience of Multilingualism, Wiley-Blackwell. In press

When 2 x 4 is meaningful: the N400 and P300 reveal operand format effects in multiplication verification. Dickson DS, Cerda VR, Beavers RN, Ruiz A, Castañeda R, Wicha NYY. Psychophysiology. 2018 Aug 22:e13212. doi: 10.1111/psyp.13212.

Children engage semantic processes to verify arithmetic facts: Evidence from the N400. Grenier, A.E., Cerda, V., Dickson, D.S., Obinyan, B.O., Momsen, J.P. & Wicha, N.Y.Y. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, Supplement. 2018.

Arithmetic in the bilingual brain. Wicha, Y.Y.N.; Dickson, D.S.; and Martinez-Lincoln, A. In: D. Berch, D. Geary and K. Mann Koepke, Eds. Language and Culture in Mathematical Cognition, Mathematical Cognition and Learning Series, Vol 4, Academic Press, 2018.

The role of language similarity in processing second language morphosyntax: Evidence from ERPs. Carrasco-Ortíz, H.; Herrera, A.V.; Jackson-Maldonado, D.; Ramírez, G.N.A.; Pereyra, J.S.; and Wicha, N.Y. International Journal of Psychophysiology 2017, 117, 91-110.

Arithmetic memory networks established in childhood are changed by experience in adulthood. Martinez-Lincoln A, Cortinas C, Wicha NY. Neurosci Lett. 2015 Jan 1; 584:325-30.

Processing gap-filler dependencies in Chinese: What does it tell us about semantic processing? Ng, S; Wicha, NY. J Mem Lang. 2014 Jul 1; 74:16-35.

The fox and the cabra: an ERP analysis of reading code switched nouns and verbs in bilingual short stories. Ng, S; Gonzalez, C; Wicha, NY. Brain Res. 2014 Apr 4; 1557:127-40.

Morphosyntax can modulate the N400 component: event related potentials to gender-marked post-nominal adjectives. Guajardo, LF; Wicha, NY. Neuroimage 2014 May 1; 91:262-72.

Meaning first: a case for language-independent access to word meaning in the bilingual brain. Ng, S; Wicha, NY. Neuropsychologia 2013 Apr; 51(5):850-63.

Acute stress and event-related potential correlates of attention to alcohol images in social drinkers. Ceballos, NA; Giuliano, RJ; Wicha, NY; Graham, R. J Stud Alcohol Drugs 2012 Sep; 73(5):761-71.

Early learning shapes the memory networks for arithmetic: evidence from brain potentials in bilinguals. Salillas, E; Wicha, NY. Psychol Sci. 2012 Jul 1; 23(7):745-55.

Cognitive and electrophysiological correlates of the bilingual stroop effect. Naylor, LJ; Stanley, EM; Wicha, NY. Front Psychol. 2012 Apr 2; 3:81.

Native experience with a tone language enhances pitch discrimination and the timing of neural responses to pitch change. Giuliano, RJ; Pfordresher, PQ; Stanley, EM; Narayana, S; Wicha, NY. Front Psychol. 2011 Aug 3; 2:146.

Why the white bear is still there: electrophysiological evidence for ironic semantic activation during thought suppression. Giuliano, RJ; Wicha, NY. Brain Res. 2010 Feb 26; 1316:62-74.

Spoken verb processing in Spanish: An analysis using a new online resource. Rivera, SM; Bates, EA; Orozco-Figueroa, A; Wicha, NY. Appl Psycholinguist 2010 Jan; 31(1):29-57.


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