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2020 News


Academy of Distinguished Researchers Inducts Dr. Jenny Hsieh
The academy honors outstanding faculty who are accomplished scholars and who share the university’s continuing commitment to research excellence.
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Dr. Nicole Wicha Named Fellow in National STEM Academy
Dr. Wicha received a fellowship from the Aspire Alliance and UTSA to participate in the second cohort of the IAspire Leadership Academy.
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Class of 2020: Juan Morales, Neurobiology PhD Program
While pursuing his doctorate Juan learned a lot about basal ganglia, a part of the brain essential for conscious movement and learning.
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San Antonio Partnership for Precision Therapeutics Awards $200,000 toward COVID-19 Vaccine Project
Dr. Karl Klose is leading a team of scientists developing a novel vaccine to combat COVID-19. Dr. Klose’s vaccine prototype has already been developed to an advanced stage where they are now working with scientists at Southwest Research Institute on formulations for eventual human use.
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Drs. Bernard Arulanandam and Karl Klose Part of Panel Discussion on Efforts to Monitor and Treat COVID-19
Dr. Arulanandam moderated and Dr. Klose was one of the researchers discussing efforts during the pandemic before answering public questions via livestream chat.
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Dr. Chiung-Yu Hung Recognized at UTSA's University Excellence Awards
Dr. Hung received the President's Teaching Award for Research Achievement.
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PhD Student Carol Chase Discovers Passion for Immunology as Lab Volunteer
Carol discovered her passion for immunology while volunteering in an autoimmunity lab. In Dr. Forsthuber's lab, she is looking for blood biomarkers to monitor the progression of multiple sclerosis.
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Vaccine Development Center of San Antonio Researchers Win $18 Million Contract to Develop a Tularemia Vaccine to Protect Military
Founded in 2012 by UTSA, SwRI, Texas Biomedical Research Institute, and UT Health San Antonio, the Vaccine Development Center of San Antonio leverages the strength, expertise, and assets of San Antonio’s four leading research institutions to identify and develop promising vaccine candidates to promote public health.
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#ThisIsWhatAScientistLooksLike: PhD Student Yue Chen
Now in her fourth year of doctoral studies, Yue is looking forward to a post-doctoral position at Tufts University where she will study tuberculosis.
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