Civil Rights & Social Justice Experience

Wednesday, February 12 and Friday, March 4 | 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Feb 12 event -   RSVP on RowdyLink
Mar 4 event -   RSVP on RowdyLink

The Civil Rights and Social Justice Experience is an intensive immersion where students visit historical sites of the civil rights movement, listen to stories and experiences, learn about contemporary social justice issues, and develop skills for fighting against oppression. This years’ experience will take students deep in the heart of San Antonio to learn about different civil rights and social justice movements. Day 1 (February 12) will feature a tour of the East and Southeast side of San Antonio where students will learn about the Black and African American civil rights movement. Day 2 (March 4) will feature a tour of the Westside of San Antonio where students will immerse themselves in the history of Latin social justice movements in San Antonio. Be sure to RSVP on RowdyLink (see links above) to reserve your spot.


Multicultural Student Center for Equity & Justice (MSCEJ) Leadership & Volunteer Services