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Differential Tuition

Differential tuition is tuition charged by the college—in addition to the university's base tuition—to support additional services and programming for students in that college. It also addresses higher instructional costs associated with certain fields of study.

Differential tuition varies from college to college, allowing us to focus on college-specific services and support. Under this model, UTSA students pay differential tuition based on their major.

Three UTSA academic colleges currently have differential tuition rates:

  • College of Business (2019)
  • College of Engineering (2019)
  • College of Sciences (2021)

UTSA's FY 2023-2024 tuition and fees proposal expands differential tuition to all colleges and updates existing differential tuition rates while eliminating college-level course fees.

Benefits to Students

Differential tuition supports UTSA’s strategic efforts to provide quality educational programs to all students, regardless of major. It enhances the learning experience and better prepares students for their next steps. Additionally, differential tuition:

  • Simplifies tuition and fees billing.
  • Increases clarity on full cost of attendance.
  • Better reflects the coursework for student’s major and the student success initiatives in their college.
  • Allow students and families to better plan for their educational costs each semester.
  • Additional financial aid is set aside to support students.