Creating an Internship Program

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What is an Internship?

An internship program should have an established learning outcome for the prospective student. It must address the needs of both the interns and the company. The internship program should introduce to the student the transition from college to work and a well structured internship program should help facilitate that transition. Experiential learning is an indispensable and valuable element for all students. An internship enables the student to gain practical experience as a professional under conditions conducive to educational development. Furthermore, the internship experience should allow the student to use their skills, allow an opportunity for personal development, and most importantly it should be an enjoyable experience.

Academic Credit

Can students get academic credit for our program?

The UTSA Career Center office does not manage approval of internships for academic credit or track academic status of student interns. Students are responsible for submitting their own applications to faculty for approval but may ask if you would be willing to support and participate in the program. Each professor sets up their own criteria for approving an internship academic credit. Some colleges have pre-established guidelines. If you need further assistance, a Career Counselor in our office can assist you in locating the appropriate person to contact.

If I decide that I want to offer an internship for academic credit, should I still work with Career Center?

Absolutely! In fact, this is highly recommended. Although the academic department gives the approval for credit, our office handles the outreach and marketing of the opportunity to students. This is done through our on-line job posting system and other electronic outreach methods. We can also assist you in scheduling on-campus interviews for internships, reaching student organizations and faculty at large as well as providing consultation regarding your next step.

Developing a formal internship program

If your company does not have a formal internship program, the University Career Center can provide information and resources to assist you in development of a program. For more information on this valuable programming initiative contact our office for further details.

See our guide for starting an internship program.

Starting an Internship Program pdf

Starting an Internship Program