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Finding a Mentor

Would you like the chance to talk to a professional in a field that you are interested in pursuing?

A Career Mentor is an alumnus, employer, parent, staff member or friend of the University who volunteers to interact with current UTSA students or other alumni for the purposes of career exploration and professional development.

It's free and easy to do. Any currently enrolled UTSA student, undergraduate or graduate, may participate in the UTSA Career Mentor program. Students must be registered with the Career Center Office to participate. Students may contact up to two new career mentors each month. They may continue to contact any previously selected career mentors as well.

A search may be conducted 24/7 by logging into the student's RowdyJobs account. Along the toolbar at the top of the page, students should click on [Mentor Search]. Enter the applicable search criteria – whether it's an industry, location or job function then click 'Search'.

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