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Safeguarding your Search

Although the majority of job listings and organizations are legitimate, you may encounter scams, falsified information, or situations that can be physically or financially risky. Unfortunately, there are many people out there trying to take advantage of others.

Career Center does not endorse any employer and urges you to be cautious in all of your interactions with potential employers regardless of where you learned of them. If you have any concerns about potential employers feel free to contact our office for guidance.

Tips to Safeguard Your Search

Do not give out your Social Security number unless you are sure it is legitimately needed. There may be legitimate reasons that an employer requests your Social Security number although it is becoming less frequent. Ask in a professional manner why this information is needed and how it will be used. Generally, organizations will not ask for your SS# until after your interview. Never provide this information online, in an e-mail, or on the telephone as these may not be secure methods of transmission.

Do not provide anyone with your personal checking or banking information. This information is not needed for any step of the job search process.

Always use good judgment in ALL of your interactions with employers. Some employers may conduct interviews in a neutral site such as a local hotel room. Always request business references from organizations or gather information on them before interviewing with them off campus. Try to interview in public places only. If you feel at all uncomfortable in a situation, trust your intuition and leave immediately.

Be cautious when posting your resume online. Be sure the site is legitimate. It's best to limit the contact information listed on your resume to your e-mail address and cell phone. This way no one can physically locate or trace you.

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