UTSA is focusing on deploying an enterprise constituent relationship management strategy to enhance our constituents' experience from the moment they are prospects, become Roadrunners and persists through graduation. Powered by Salesforce.org and integrated with our Student Information System, UTSA CRM will enable all parts of the university to manage engagement with constituents from a single data source. This will provide an accurate, holistic view of each constituent, resulting in higher quality outreach and a better experience for any individual or organization that interacts with UTSA. 

Why CRM?

Through the adoption of a campus-wide CRM solution, the UTSA CRM initiative will bring together various process on campus related to the student lifecycle. Though niche products have provided some functional benefits to respective offices, a centralized enterprise-wide CRM approach has strategic advantages:

Unified view of data and source for all interaction data
Provide more intelligent and personalized engagement
Deliver relevant, timely and targeted communications

Provide shared understanding of the university’s constituents

Reduce organizational barriers and student shuffle

Access metrics to evaluate engagement

A flexible, scalable  platform for varying use cases
Eliminate redundancies from data silos and duplicative efforts