The mission of the UTSA Center for Urban and Regional Planning Research (CURPR) is to generate new knowledge of the forms, processes, and impacts of metropolitan and megaregional growth while advancing the creation of more sustainable, inspiring, and equitable cities.


Our vision is to become a thought leader on the topic of metropolitan and megaregional growth, developing new models for San Antonio and Texas that make a national and international impact.


We prioritize local impact.
The Center utilizes San Antonio and the Texas Triangle as a living laboratory, helping local and regional communities confront the grand challenge of metropolitan and megaregional growth. This challenge includes adding 1.1 million people to San Antonio over the next 25 years, and adding 10 million people to the Texas Triangle by mid-century.

We employ a multidisciplinary approach to research and discovery.
The Center leverages its position within the College of Architecture, Construction and Planning and the larger University to draw on faculty expertise across multiple disciplines. These collaborations allow us to pursue a wide variety of research methods, while constructing a comprehensive and multidisciplinary view of metropolitan and megaregional growth.

We elevate the role of teaching and learning in everything that we do.
The Center provides a pedagogical platform for faculty and students from architecture, urban and regional planning, and departments across the University. The opportunities come in a variety of forms including funded research assistantships, service-learning, independent studies, design studios, and academic seminars.

We maximize the impact of community engagement and service.
The Center maximizes its local and regional impact by generating a broad range of activities, from comprehensive plans to public symposiums. We maximize the impact of our work by publishing in a variety of venues, from academic journals to popular press outlets.