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Surveys and Research Projects

While the University of Texas at San Antonio strives to make the research studies and survey information on this website available to students with disabilities, the university does not endorse nor make responsibility claims, promises, or guarantees about the accuracy, completeness, or adequacy of the contents, and expressly disclaims liability for the individual’s participation in any of the posted research studies or surveys. It is the individual’s responsibility to thoroughly research the study or survey they are choosing to participate in. The individual should take all care and caution when choosing to be a part of a posted research study or survey.

Research Opportunity - Project STRIPE

STEM Survey Accessibility Research Study

Virginia Murray Sowell Center for Research and Education in Sensory Disabilities

Temple University College of Public Health - Volunteers Wanted for a Research Study

A Texas Health Insurance Wants to Hear from You - Paid Disability Focus Group

Paid Disability Identity Management at Work Study

Center for Cognitive Ubiquitous Computing at Arizona State University