About the Department


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Department Chair - Dr. Janis Bush

The Department of Environmental Science and Ecology at The University of Texas at San Antonio oversees three degree programs: a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies, a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science, and a Master of Science in Environmental Science. It is our goal that when our students complete their degrees, they will be prepared to work in the public or private sectors, or continue with their education for a more advanced degree.

Environmental Science is multidisciplinary; therefore, the degree programs offer a wide variety of courses. For the undergraduate degree, students take a core group of environmental classes including ecology, law, remediation, microbiology, toxicology, and global change. Support work includes classes in chemistry, physics, geology, geographical information systems, calculus, statistics, and computer programming. There is more flexibility with the Master's degree, with both a thesis and non-thesis option. The focuses are conservation and natural resources or environmental management.

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