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Pre-AP® Middle School Art

Workshop Description

Pre-AP workshop will be a valuable resource for teachers in connecting middle level (7-8 grade) students to a higher level of learning in the visual arts. This summer workshop will give teachers the strategies and tools they need to engage their students in the development of higher visual studio art skills and computer knowledge for emerging and proficient students who would like to work towards future high school art credit.

Teachers will have an understanding of Vertical Team Pre-AP and Advance Placement Studio Art Program to help students to prepare a portfolio starting at the middle level creating a mini portfolio. The teachers will learn a variety of approaches to representation, abstraction, expression, and the investigation of the principles and elements of art standards.

The Pre-AP workshop will provide lesson ideas on how to create a Breadth and Concentration based on College Board Vertical Team standards. Teachers will view a power point showing works in a portfolio demonstrating a breadth of conceptual compositional and technical works of art, to address a very board interpretation of drawing, 2-D Design and 3D issues. Photography, Computer lessons and Drawing styles, plus innovative techniques will be incorporated in the activity lessons.

Course Outline

  • Introduction of participates and Agenda

  • Inventory of needs and goal objectives from the workshop participates

  • Introductions and Logistics to AP® Studio Art

  • Overview of the AP® Studio Art Program course outline and the components of each portfolio

  • Discussion on the digital submission at the AP® Studio Art reading in Salt Lake City, Utah

  • Discussion: Power Point presentation; examine the AP®proach of Drawing, 2D-Design and 3-D Design issues, how to paint with a paint brush stylus on an all-electronic surface.

  • Activity: Participates will create a Breadth of art work, using photogrAP®hs from a personal experience or event as a visual story as well as a written narrative, to create a Concentration.

  • Activity: Participates will continue to explore the different styles and techniques of visual art using many processes and styles with their photographs. The  participates will also create a visual language from their written narratives, twelve ways to create a concentration, for 2-D, 3-D and Drawing Portfolios.

  • Activity: How to organize your students work as an electronic notebook,  How to use Adobe Photoshop,  drawing apps with 2-D design and drawing compositions and how to evaluate students work using the rubric for the Reading.

What Participants Should Bring:

  • Digital Phone Camera, plus flash drive

  • Any drawing or painting supplies you like to use such as colored pencils, water colors, oil pastels, sharpies…etc.

  • Personal photographs (no larger than 8x10) on regular copy paper

Consultant Bio

Quiquia Calhoun has taught Studio Art for twenty-nine (29) of her forty years (40) teaching career with Oklahoma City Public Schools. While teaching at Northeast Academy for Health Sciences and Engineering, she has served as a College Board consultant for twenty (20) years. She has been an AP Reader for 11 years and a AP Table Reader Leader for two (2) years. In addition, she was a Vertical Team writer for AP Studio Art and panelist at the AP Equity Colloquium in 2003. Previously, she received a College Board Southwest Region Special Recognition Award, and Excellent Educator Award from Oklahoma City Public Schools Foundation, and was a 2 x Teacher of the Year nominee in Oklahoma City Public School District.


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